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Image by Cem Ersozlu

DJ  Twista

Hip Hop name:   DJ Twista
Group:   SYSTAhood
Inspiration:   DJs Godfather D and DJ J-Skratch 
Tool of Choice:   Technics 1200s and 1210s, mixing, beat juggling, and scratching 
Style defined:   Basement-style music production 
Artreprenuer:   B-studio; Twisdom Productions; B-Gyrlz Unheard
Hip Hop Attribute:   Female of the DJ crew ‘The WaxMurderaz’

A moment in the movement:   Participated in the Star Ledger’s “A Great Day in Newark” a photo shoot collective of New Jersey hip hop artists. 2000

Tour dates (the United States and Canada)
‘96 Spring Break Tour (Salt & Pepa)
Rough Ryders/Cash Money Tour and Hot 97 Summer Jam (Rah Digga)
Music production 
“M.O. Money” (Systahood feat. Sah-B) Systahood ft. Sah-B - Mo Money - YouTube
“M.O. Money – remix (Systahood feat. Sah-B) SYSTAHOOD (Kandi Kain, DJ Twista) - f/ Sah-B - YouTube
“Toxic Waste” – Young Zee of The Outsidaz, Young Zee - Toxic Waste (feat. Loon One) - YouTube
R&B “Sentimental” - Taraja Cyan
Quick Sand Sah-B produced by DJ Twista - Sample on our Music Page

Video appearances
“M.O. Money” (feat. Sah-B) – Systahood SYSTAHOOD (Kandi Kain, DJ Twista) - f/ Sah-B - YouTube
“Break Fool” (Rah Digga) Rah Digga- Break Fool - YouTube
“Freak Out” (Nikki D)
Public relations
The Source Magazine’s Unsigned Hype (Systahood)
The Vibe Magazine’s Spotlighted (Systahood)
Television appearances
BET Live, BET All, BET Rap City: The Basement, Hip Hop Online Awards, and Oxygen Trackers. and various other artists.
Internet appearances
H3B Radio, with host DJ Cool V and co-hosts, DJ Twista, Kandi Kain and Dre
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