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Bgyrlz Unheard is a documentary spotlighting the journey of 3 female artists who were under the radar of mainstreams airwaves and frequencies. This documentary apprises female roles and contributions to the hip hop culture and lifestyle from the 80s 90s and 2000s.


Bgyrlz Unheard features Systahood & Sah-B with guest appearances by Cutmaster Cool V, Asiatic, DJ Skills and Sham, Jam-C, Ali, DJ Lord Jazz, El da Sensei, VinRock, DJ Backspin, DJ Godfather D, and many others.


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B-Gyrlz Unheard features artists from New Jersey’s lltown and Brick City. Three dope artiest, two emcees, and a deejay discuss the art form and how it was navigating in an all-male hip hop crew.  The film follows Sah-B and Systahood (Kandi Kain and DJ Twista), story as they talk about how they went on to use hip hop as a means to entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and empowerment to others

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